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Today's FL33 V3.0 Production Queue

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Jul 5Order #1

FL33 V3.0 Production Checklist

  • CAD: Hardware solid modeling (3D objects)
  • CAD: Hardware 2D specifications
  • CNC Machining: Parts for head (two variants, 6061-T6)
  • CNC Machining: Battery tubes (5 sizes, 6061-T6)
  • CNC Machining: Stainless steel (SS303) hardware (cap, bezel, ring)
  • CNC Machining: Stainless steel (SS303, SS304) parts for the clip
  • Heat sink hard anodizing
  • PVD ceramic coating (TiCN)
  • Laser engraving (bezel, head, tail cap)
  • Standard steel springs for contacts (nickel plated)
  • Gold plated copper slugs for contacts
  • Gold plated copper rings for contacts
  • Battery tube seals (HNBR o-rings)
  • Battery tube silicone sleeve
  • Head silicone o-rings
  • Button silicone gasket, soft & hard options
  • Clip redo (use SS spring instead of elastomer)
  • Standard ceramic button
  • Gem buttons
  • Production tail cap PCBs
  • PCB 3M adhesive
  • Controller PCB design and prototype
  • Controller firmware (battery load monitor)
  • Production controller PCBs
  • 361 LE design & prototype
  • 371 LE design & prototype
  • Production 361 engines
  • Production 371 engines
  • NEXUS firmware for 371 LE
  • NEXUS online programmer
  • NEXUS online designer
  • LE thermal interface
  • LE female connectors
  • LE silicone wires (power)
  • LE PTFE wires (signal)
  • Secondary TIR lenses (all types)
  • BK7 AR-coated protective lenses
  • New certificate (water-mark paper, color print, press seal)
  • Microfiber tissue brand print
  • User manual (synthetic paper)
  • Packing and shipping materials
  • T135 long battery tube production (redo)